Workshop in Lithuania: Sustainable tourism

Photo: TIna NyforsSustainable tourism was the theme of the workshop that took place in Panevezys, Lithuania on 23 October 2014. CITYWATER was there to promote the Baltic Sea Challenge network and to discuss water protection with a Lithuanian audience.

Among the participants were representatives from different sectors: municipality, business, national park, NGO and waste water treatment. The seminar provided a day with interesting presentations and new contacts from different parts of Lithuania and from other Baltic Sea Countries.

The workshop was entitled “The Baltic Sea – Protecting our Economic Future Connecting the Tourism Industry & the Baltic Sea” and was organized by the Baltic Sea Challenge partner Race for the Baltic. The seminar brought up topics such as waste water treatment in the Panevezys region, sustainable tourism in a nutshell; economic and societal benefits of responsible tourism and tourism facts for Lithuania.

During the seminar, the Baltic Sea Challenge was brought up as a tool for taking concrete action for the Baltic Sea. The CITYWATER project expert and the Baltic Sea Challenge coordinator held brief talks. The event was organized by Race for the Baltic in collaboration with Panevezys City, the Lithuanian castles and manors association, and CITYWATER/The Baltic Sea Challenge.

Read more about the event here.