Baltic Sea Regional workshop Sweden 2014

Time: 6-7 May 2014
Place: Stockholm, Sweden, the Swedish Parliament building

CITYWATER co-organized and participated in the workshop “The Baltic Sea – Implementing Sustainable Economic Development in Cities and Municipalities” that was arranged by the Zennström Philanthropies “Race for the Baltic” the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) and Globe Europe. The workshop had about 40 participants and provided an interesting day filled with presentations, panel discussions and networking. The participants represented municipalities, companies, networks, investment institutions and foundations from Baltic Sea countries including Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

Photo: Outi Salminen

During the workshop, the CITYWATER project expert Tina Nyfors held a presentation entitled “Baltic Sea Challenge: A Tool for Baltic Sea Friendly Cities” (picture above), with the aim of inspiring cities and other actors around the Baltic Sea to take action for our common sea. Also, CITYWATER contributed in preparing a panel discussion entitled “Cities Taking the Lead in Sustainability”, in collaboration with the Baltic Sea Challenge coordinators, UBC and Zennström Philanthropies.

Other presentations included e.g. “Measuring Eco-System Services: The Ocean Health Index Tool for Public Authorities” by Mr. Sebastian Troëng, Conservation International; and “A New Approach to Investing in the Environment” by Mr. Allan Larsson, Forum Östersjön. There were also two other panel discussions: “Infrastructure and Technology: Building Adaptable and Liveable Cities” and “Financing Blue & Green Investments in the Baltic Sea Region”. The day was concluded with group discussions about national policies.

Photo: Tina Nyfors


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