Cost-benefit analysis visit to WWTP in Liepaja

Photo: Eliisa PunttilaAs one action of the CITYWATER project, a cost-benefit analysis will be conducted based on five case studies. The aim of the cost-benefit analysis is to provide information about environmental impacts of local water protection measures, and to give information about monetary benefits and cost-efficiency of the measures.

Photo: Eliisa PunttilaA visit to one of the cases, the waste water treatment plant Liepajas Udens (Liepaja Water), in Liepaja, Latvia was done 29-30 January 2014 by the project expert Eliisa Punttila and the project coordinator Kajsa Rosqvist. The aim of the visit was to collect data about the blower and information technology installed at the waste water treatment plant (WWTP), which is one of the cases to be studied in the cost-benefit analysis.

The CITYWATER staff was guided at the plant by the WWTP chemist Gunta Sneidere and the head of the WWTP Vilmars Bogovics (in the picture to the left). CITYWATER also had the opportunity to meet representatives from the local and regional environmental departments as well as from the Central Liepaja Water laboratory. Kajsa Rosqvist held a presentation where she briefly told about  Finnish environmental governance, the City of Helsinki Environment Centre, the Baltic Sea Challenge and the CITYWATER project, and Eliisa Punttila presented the cost-benefit analysis.

During the past months, visits have been done to other cases that will be used in the cost-benefit analysis. As was the case with Liepaja, the objective has been to learn in more detail about the water protection measures undertaken.

The other cases to be studied are located in Finland. In Turku there are agricultural buffer zones, in Lahti there are urban wetlands that have been created for handling of storm waters, and in Helsinki the Port of Helsinki has reception facilities for waste water from ships arriving to the port. A visit to the last case, Pori, Finland, will be made in the end of February, and the case is related to centralizing waste water treatment.

Photo: Eliisa Punttila

One of the old blowers at the Liepaja WWTP…

Photo: Eliisa Punttila

… and a row of new blowers.