CITYWATER study results at Gulf of Finland seminar

Photo: Tina Nyfors

“Cost-efficient protection of the Gulf of Finland” was the topic of an international seminar that was organized as part of the Gulf of Finland Year 2014. During the seminar, CITYWATER presented the cost-benefit study, conducted by the City of Helsinki, and the Baltic Sea Challenge network was promoted. The seminar was organized in Lahti, Finland on 30 September 2014.

The first part of the seminar dealt with cost-efficient methods to protect the Gulf of Finland (GoF), and the second part focused on new methods of monitoring.

In the first part of the seminar, CITYWATER project expert Eliisa Punttila held a presentation about the results of the cost-benefit study that she was currently finalizing. The presentation was entitled “Cost-benefit analysis – a tool for finding cost-effective local water protection actions” and included an overview of the cost-benefit method; and the studied cases. Furthermore, the Baltic Sea Challenge network was presented as a tool to find cost-effective water protection measures. The seminar was concluded by a panel discussion with the topic “The Gulf of Finland: modern monitoring techniques, efficient protection tools and cost-effective reduction of nutrient emissions today and tomorrow”. The half-day seminar was followed by a lunch cruise at lake Vesijärvi.

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