CITYWATER press release: storm water handling

CITYWATER and the Keidas project at the University of Helsinki sent out a joint press release about the need of natural storm water handling.

The importance of natural storm water handling is increasing. Climate change is predicted to lead to more and heavier rainfall in Northern Europe and, simultaniously, urbanization is increasing. The challenges related to handling of storm water are biggest in densly built urban areas.

In the Helsinki City centre and in other older centre areas in Uusimaa in Southern Finland, the mixed sevage systems is a particular problem. In mixed sevage systems rainwater is lead along the same pipes as waste water to the waste water treatment plants. During heavy rainfall the capacity of the pipes might exceed. Hence, there is a risk that untreated waste water is released in the sea along with rainwater. Through natural storm water handling the water can be absorbed, delayed and purified in the area where it occurs.

The picture shows natural storm water management in a courtyard in the residential area Eko-Viikki in Helsinki.

Both CITYWATER and the Keidas project are co-financed by the European Commission Life+ programme. Here you can read the press release in Finnish and Swedish.