The Baltic Sea Challenge

The Baltic Sea Challenge is an international network for saving the Baltic Sea. Focus is on concrete action at the local level. Partners commit to actions that improve the state of the local waters as well as of the Baltic Sea as a whole.

Vision and objectives

The vision of the Baltic Sea Challenge (BSC) is a clean, productive and shared Baltic Sea. To reach the vision, the network is committed to the following objectives:

• Clear coastal waters
• Healthy marine habitat
• Clean and safe water traffic
• Systematic water area management
• Active Baltic Sea citizenship


The Baltic Sea Challenge was initiated in 2007 when the Mayors of the Finnish cities Turku and Helsinki wanted to do more for improving the state of the Baltic Sea. The cities consider the state of the Baltic Sea as a question of competitiveness and welfare, and as is the case for other coastal cities’, the archipelago and the sea are core elements of the image of the city.

Join the Baltic Sea Challenge!

The cities of Turku and Helsinki welcome actors around the Baltic to join the work for improving the state of the sea! Now there are about 200 friends of the Baltic Sea committed to the Challenge. Among them are cities and municipalities, businesses, research and education institutions, NGOs and labor unions.

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The Baltic Sea Challenge website

Join the Challenge! It is easy to join: Decide to do at least one action for saving the Baltic Sea and sign the Baltic Sea Challenge Commitment. Download

Examples of actions, network news, ideas and inspiration: BSC website

Joint action plan of Turku and Helsinki 2014-2018 Download

Baltic Sea Challenge coordinators:
Lotta Ruokanen
+358 40 334 7078

Salla-Maria Lauttamäki
+358 40 556 5426